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Erin Welch

Vice President of Asset Management

Erin Headshot.jpeg

Erin joined Overland Property Group in August 2023 as the Vice President of Asset Management. She has worked in the affordable housing industry for 20 years and enjoys working closely with property management teams to oversee day to day operations. 

The Asset Management team focuses on maintaining compliance with regulatory agreements, overseeing required reporting including budgets and audits and making sure physical assets are well maintained. The team also collaborates closely with Development to lease-up new construction. 

While most of Erin’s days are filled with crunching numbers, building spreadsheets, and reading legal documents, she does get out to the properties to visit with residents. She is always humbled when residents thank her for her part in providing them safe and affordable places to live.


When Erin is not on a Zoom call, you will likely find her exploring the great outdoors with her dog Nelson, spending time with her family in strange eyewear or traveling abroad.

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