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From the beginning, our story has been different from other developers. 

Overland Property Group was originally founded by a group of entrepreneurs who have been closely connected nearly all their lives: kindergarten friends, family members and neighbors. As a result, a relationship-driven approach has been our cornerstone.

We’ve worked with many of our partners for the life of our company, which means they have a clear understanding of our standards, and have demonstrated they can meet our high expectations. This includes our investors, architects, designers and engineers. This also means we run efficiently, with processes that have been refined over the years, delivering consistency and quality. 


We make decisions using common sense, and we treat people the way we want to be treated in return. 


Today, under the leadership of Pat Beatty and Matt Gillam, Overland Property Group continues to grow, building on the foundation of the past 20 years. 


When new team members join Overland Property Group, they become part of our family tree, where we encourage everyone to think of themselves as members of the communities we serve, treating residents as neighbors, and committed to quality over the long term.


We didn't become one of the fastest growing owner/developers in a six-state region overnight.

Our process and expertise has been fine-tuned for two decades to meet the demands of an evolving economy and the need for high-quality residential options. 

From end-to-end, we approach each opportunity with a creative and determined spirit, applying our knowledge of each step of the process with precision and efficiency. 

Design Concept

Site Selection
Prelim Design
Buildout Oversight

Market Research
Financial Analysis
Debt & Equity
Project Management
Sales & Marketing

Diverse Experience

From innovative historic rehab housing, to ultra-luxury apartments, developing homes and enhancing communities is our expertise.

Our experience across multiple markets and project types has taught us to engineer creative solutions, implementing sophisticated problem solving so we can deliver the highest level of quality and service to our partners and clients.


Regardless of the market, be it a rural community, urban downtown or even a mountain resort town, our ability to innovate and create unique, homes for residents is what drives us each day.

Our attention to detail, quality and craftsmanship makes us exceptional at every level.


For years, long before others, we've been developing independent senior living communities all across the country that are convenient and comfortable, allowing older residents to age in place.

We're able to do it better than others because we've been doing it longer and therefore, have great depth of knowledge.

DSC_5751-HDRedited-2 (1).jpg

From the highest grade materials, to the nicest amenity finishes, we have experience developing ultra-luxury in communities such as mountain ski towns and affluent suburban neighborhoods.


Our attention to details - large and small - and our passion for architecture as a company, makes luxury development come second nature to us. 

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 1.02.44 PM.jpg

We love a good story and there's nothing better than getting to bring a historic building back into prominence to preserve and pass along those stories. 

We also realize the history of these buildings and the roles they play in their community are bigger than us. Because of that, our approach is tailored to doing right by them and being a steward for these landmarks, as evidenced by us winning some of the most prestigious national awards for our historic preservation work.



Nationally recognized for doing what we do best. 

OPG has collected numerous awards including the prestigious Readers’ Choice Finalist, which is voted on by Affordable Housing Developers (our competitors), the Colorado Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation, as well as:


Top 50 Affordable Housing Developers - Affordable Housing Finance 


Colorado Eagle Award Nominee, The Reserves at Green Valley Ranch 


Kansas Preservation Alliance Award Winner, Lee Lofts 


Charles L. Edson Tax Credit Excellence Award (Edson Award) - Historic Preservation


50 Kansans you should know - Pat Beatty


Colorado Eagle Award Nominee, Alpenglow Apartments


2020 Best Historic Rehab Finalist Texas Downtown Association - Landmark on Lamar


Affordable Housing Finance Young Leader Award, Matt Gillam


Colorado Housing Eagle Award - People's Choice Award, The Reserves at Steamboat Springs


Ad Astra Award, New Housing Development, The Reserves at Trail Ridge


Top 50 Affordable Housing Developers - Affordable Housing Finance


Historic Preservation Governors Award Colorado


Affordable Housing Finance, Readers' Choice Finalist, Tabor Grand Hotel


Ad Astra Award, Innovation in Housing and Community Development,
The Reserves at Cimarron Valley Phase 1


Ad Astra Award, Special Achievement in Affordable Housing Development - Rural


Ad Astra Award, Special Achievement in Affordable Housing Development - Urban


Ad Astra Award, Special Achievement in Affordable Housing Development - Urban

We have also been featured in countless news articles, both locally and nationally. Read our latest news.



Affordable Housing Developers Coalition (AHDC), Kansas Housing Association (KHA), Texas Affiliation of Affordable Housing Providers (TAAHP), Housing Colorado, Iowa Housing Partners (IHP), Oklahoma Coalition for Affordable Housing, Affordable Housing Tax Credit Coalition
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