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Emily Puckett

Accounting Coordinator


Emily joined OPG in the Fall of 2019 and serves as the Accounting Coordinator for Overland Property Group where she manages the day-to-day bookkeeping for the company. Prior to joining OPG, Emily worked as an administrator in a law firm, where her attention to detail, customer service, and problem-solving skills greatly improved the efficiency, productivity, and cash flow of the firm. Utilizing her legal and banking background, Emily excels at ensuring internal projects are completed on time and to the highest standard.

Emily was born in Missouri but grew up in Northeast Florida in the U.S.’s oldest city, St. Augustine. Her happy place consists of relaxing on the beach with old school rap playing in the background. (she recently fulfilled her lifelong dream of rapping along with Nelly at his concert.) Her husband is a mid-westerner and is how she ended up in the wonderful state of Kansas for the past 7 years. She lives on a 3 acre “farm” in Salina, KS with her husband, two sons (18 and 16) and two dogs.  Prior to moving to Kansas, she and her family lived in Hawaii for 4 years.  Emily spends most of her time watching her sons play competitive basketball or baseball.  When she does have a little free time to herself, she enjoys working out, and playing golf with her husband and friends, which mostly consists of adult beverages, turf destruction, and a healthy dose of cursing at the golf ball.

Emily loves the people she works with at OPG and is happy to call OPG her work home.

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