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Matt Gillam

Managing Partner

Matt is one of the Managing Partners at Overland Property Group. He has expertise in architecture, construction, planning, management, investment and public relations, which allows him to spearhead all aspects of real estate development and lead the company. In a relatively short time, Matt has accomplished a great deal, from winning multiple national and regional awards to being the Keynote Speaker at countless national events. His innovative ideas, passion for developing housing and vision are clear keys to the success of Overland Property Group and the countless developments he has put together. 

In addition to his work running OPG and as a developer, Matt is very active serving on numerous boards related to development and affordable housing. Matt's ability to quickly form mutually beneficial relationships, his problem solving skills, as well as his vision make him a crucial part of OPG's success. 


Career Highlights

  • 2005-2009: The University of Kansas, Economics

  • 2002-2009: Founded and Operated Gillam Productions

  • 2009-2012: Development Coordinator for Overland Property Group, LLC

  • 2011-2020: Founder/Partner MJG Development

  • 2012-2019: VP of Development, Overland Property Group, LLC

  • 2017-2019: Partner at Overland Property Group, LLC

  • 2017-2020: Partner at Boutique Retirement Company, LLC

  • 2015-Present: Board of Director (President 2019-Present, Vice President 2017-2019) Kansas Housing Association

  • 2019-Present: Managing Partner, Quantum 5 Construction Company, Inc

  • 2019-Present: Managing Partner at Overland Property Group, LLC 

Matt lives in  Prairie Village, KS with his wife, Julie, and their wild 1 year old, Miles. In his spare time, Matt enjoys traveling with his family and relaxing at the lake.