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April Engstrom

Director of Development (Texas)


April has been with Overland Property Group since 2018 and now serves as Director of Development, seeing developments from site selection all the way through to stabilization. With her varied positions at OPG over the years, there’s very little in the affordable housing business that April doesn’t have experience in. She works quickly and diligently to solve problems as they arise and loves the deadline-driven nature of the affordable development business, as well as the OPG’s mission of providing affordable, quality housing to those in need. 

Before April joined OPG, she worked in the non-profit art museum world, with a background in marketing and design. She’s dropped out of college twice, having always been impatient to get to work, and is a fervent believer in finding your own way, regardless of the norm. 

April enjoys working on her photography, studying philosophy & psychology, learning, cooking, hanging out with her two cats Franklin & Dot, and taking road trips. While any rational person would agree that historic tax credit deals are the most cumbersome, April excitedly seeks them out. April is always happy to be a team player but maintains a life-long dedication to sitting out any group activity that may involve trust falls and/or matching t-shirts. Even though April moved from San Diego to Kansas when she was 14, she is adamant that she still be referred to and regarded as a Californian and visits frequently. 


April would also like to make it known that she hates writing her own bios and has written this only because she was anxious to get it over with already.

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